Commercial Facilities

Good marinas don’t happen by accident. Since 1975, the Rowboat staff of professionals has designed and built hundreds of marinas throughout the southeastern United States. We take pride in evaluating materials, site conditions, the size and types of boats, draft and fairway considerations, and budget and investment constraints. Good marina design and construction includes an evaluation of the local bathymetry, prevailing wind and wave patterns, environmental concerns and riparian corridors. Rowboat uses premium materials and builds the best possible marinas at highly competitive rates. Past projects range from coastal marinas for Sport Fishermen and Mega-Yachts, to resort facilities for paddle boats and canoes…and, everything in between.

Rowboat offers lighted, elevated walkways, heavy timber bridges for people, cars and golf carts, and a variety of piling installation techniques ranging from Diesel Impact to vibratory and conventional gravity drop hammers.